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Viqor's gameplay for Alpha Protocol (PC)

Viqor played Alpha Protocol

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First things first: I went in to this game knowing full well and acknowledging its many faults. I read the reviews and heard the bitching that people have done, and in my own playthrough, I have attempted to minimize these faults, so I can focus on the parts of the game that the developer got right. That means minimizing the difficulty and frustration involved in the shooting segments (some might call this the gameplay), thus emphasizing the conversation system, which the game was overwhelmingly successful in implementing. It's truly bizarre to see a game that gets some things so right and screw up other things so badly. The conversation system really is brilliant, timing your responses, seamlessly integrating player and NPC dialog while making sure that the responses flow fairly well with what's being said. It's very impressive, but as well as they did on the dynamic dialog system, Obsidian screwed up equally badly where the shooting is concerned. The shooting feels sloppy, with aiming mechanics that take forever to hit anything with accuracy, poor auto-aiming in close quarters, cover that barely functions, weak level design, and terrible AI. And these are just things that I noticed in my game, which I might add, was played on easy with a character class and stats recommended by others to minimize frustration. To be honest, it has worked for the most part in that respect, so at least I am not being forced to spend any more time in these parts than I have to, but it still does not cover up the poor design.
Alpha Protocol

Alpha Protocol (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/MAY/10
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