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Viqor's gameplay for Bayonetta (X360)

Viqor played Bayonetta

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Viqor said...
  • happy
  • Advanced
Picked up Bayonetta for pretty cheap and started playing it. So far I am really enjoying myself. In particular, the combat is extremely fun and fast-paced, but skill-based. The graphics are also pretty impressive, with an art style that is extremely reminiscent of Devil May Cry (Bayonetta is from the director of the first one), but with enough uniqueness to hold its own. The storyline is as insane as the combat and makes little sense, but it pushes along and at least is fairly entertaining to watch, although I often found myself wishing for the cutscenes to end so that I could get back to the awesome gameplay.

Bayonetta (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 05/JAN/10
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