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Viqor's gameplay for Catherine (X360)

Viqor played Catherine

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Viqor said...
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I finally finished Catherine after what has seemed like a very long time. I think that Catherine took me so long to complete partially because other things came up (namely, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Red Orchestra 2) and partially because the puzzles are rather soul-crushing. I don't mean to say that they were overly difficult: I never got stuck playing on normal and never saw a proper game over, but just that after a few levels, I just didn't feel like playing any more. In the later stages that meant spending multiple game sessions on a single night. So that makes it all the more amazing to me that I was able to finish the game this time since I had to make it through six stages, some of which were very difficult, to finally finish up the game. That said, when I did beat that last level, I was rewarded with a pretty satisfying ending that was absolutely bespoken to the decisions that I made in the game. I've been a bit dubious as to how much your decisions actually affect the story, but I'm pretty certain that at least the last several hours of the game have to be pretty radically different depending on which character Vincent ends up with. The game also hinted at the potential for variance within those endings. Of course, I won't be able to confirm any of this unless I play the game again, which I don't see happening for a while. Overall, Catherine wasn't the ground-breaking experience that I had hoped for, nor did it live up to the Persona games that this team is famous for, but it did tell a satisfying story with a subject matter that is rarely covered in games, and had challenging, but fun, gameplay to go along with it.

Catherine (X360)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 26/JUL/11
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I find the story does not change much at all, rather his inner monologue changes. It's not until the final night that they throw the changes in and the endings are all drastically different and cover every aspect of what the game was trying to get across as the point.

I'm three trophies (or achievements in xbox lingo) away from perfection. These Babel challenges are something else... In any case it sounds like you enjoyed the game, I thought it was fantastic.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I figured that the game wouldn't change that much until after the 7th night, but I still might go back some time just to try and save more people (I only ended up saving one guy outside of the main group of friends, who I don't think can die) and to see the other ending, which I imagine is significantly different. I don't think that I'm going to do the Babel mode: I beat the game on Normal and I don't feel like taking further punishment.
Hard was brutal... I bought Catherine while I was temporarily living in Saskatchewan, and trust me, there is NOTHING to do in that whole province. If I wasn't doing framing work I was playing Catherine so I got a lot of it done very fast.

I was also addicted to it too... Hahaha...
@Roxas-UrBoxas Even on normal, I felt like I could only do a couple of stages at a time. I wouldn't get stuck or anything, but I always felt like quitting by the time I finished a night, or even before then in a couple of the later stages. This is evidenced by the fact that I just finished a couple of days ago, and I got the game the day it came out.
You started on normal right? I started easy, did normal, then hard, and was practicing on rapunzel and studying the techniques the whole time. I think perhaps the way I played it caused me a little less problems because by the time I hit the harder difficulty I was starting to recognize patterns and designs.

Either way, I love it, and glad to hear your experience wasn't so bad with it either. I think it's a must play this year myself.
Once again I had a lot of time in Saskatchewan... A lot of spare time... Hahahaha!
@Roxas-UrBoxas You're right, I didn't have nearly as much trouble as I had feared (mostly from reading about how insanely difficult the game was in previews). I think that with puzzle games, if the game "clicks" with you, if you can figure out how the game's logic works and how the mechanics function, then it cuts down on the frustration immensely. I feel like the problem that a lot of people had with Catherine is that they couldn't quite wrap their heads around how everything worked, so they obviously struggled a lot when the game tried to build upon the foundations that they hadn't mastered.

I also agree that the game is a must play, just because it is a very unique experience.
I've always enjoyed puzzle games... Hey speaking of Catherine did you see my write-up featured on gDNA pulse? I was honoured to be put up there.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I have an on-off relationship with puzzle games, I enjoy them, but I rarely become obsessed with them (the last one that really stole substantial time was Tetris for my Game Boy brick).

And I haven't read your article, but I'm interested in reading it so send me a link and I'll definitely check it out.
@Viqor http://blog.gamerdna.com/2011/09/26/catherine-helped-me-accept-cheaters-guest-post/ is the link.

Also, Tetris is amazing on every platform. I play the PS3, and original DS Tetris and they still have active online players so it's never hard to get match-ups.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I used to play an hour before bed every night for like a year back in the late '90s.
Ah, I played for the first waking hour in my day before a shift. Up at 8, playing til 9, shower, prep, and out the door by ten at the latest!
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