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Viqor played DiRT 3

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Viqor said...
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I played through the first season of DiRT 3 and for what it is, it's a lot of fun. Let's make something clear: DiRT 3 is not a simulation. Even with all the assists turned off, the physics and damage models are extremely forgiving (Richard Burns Rally wouldn't let you hit a tree at 40 mph and survive or get away with a sloppy hairpin turn the way this game does). That said, it is a lot of fun chucking yourself though a tight bend at 100 mph. I also admire the variety of different race types: rally's, races, and trick events are all fun and different from each other and the various vehicle types also feel appropriately distinct.
DiRT 3

DiRT 3 (PC)

Genre/Style: Racing/Rally/Off-Road Racing
Release Date: 24/MAY/11
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