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Viqor's gameplay for Metal Gear Solid (PS)

Viqor played Metal Gear Solid

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Viqor said...
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Pushed through and finished the game. Despite having a few things that really show the game's age, chief among them being the visuals, but also a few control decisions that will be corrected in future titles, Metal Gear Solid remains incredibly playable and enjoyable, even to modern sensibilities. Very few games, even today, have such tight design, and even fewer impart the sense of place that it does. In this way, the backtracking actually benefits the design: Shadow Moses feels like a real, interconnected, military complex and not a series of hallways. In short, some games hold up better than others, and Metal Gear Solid is still a great game, even by today's standards.
Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid (PS)

Genre/Style: Action/Stealth
Release Date: 21/OCT/98
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