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Viqor's gameplay for Policenauts (PS)

Viqor played Policenauts

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Viqor said...
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Played through the bomb disposal section that serves as the climax to the act 2 climax, and I have to say that I have honestly never felt a more appropriate sense of tension in a video game. Every step of the way, from locating the device, to every step of the disposal process, was as nerve-wracking as I would ever want a game to be. I died several times during the sequence, but the potential frustration was mostly alleviated by the intensity and desire to finish the sequence, along with some surprising comedy: when you die, you see the typical "Game Over" screen, and the usual "Continue/ Quit" options, the funny thing is, when you continue, one of the characters says something like "Let's pretend that didn't happen," before replaying the sequence. This bizzarre bit of comedy may be a turn-off for some, but to me, it was a great way to relieve the stress from the multiple failures that I had during this sequence.
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