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Viqor's gameplay for Saints Row: The Third (X360)

Viqor played Saints Row: The Third

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Viqor said...
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I finished up the game today. It was reasonably satisfying, and although I never got the satisfaction of a certain turnabout (making a character death earlier in the story feel rather pointless), the ending was suitably ridiculous and over-the-top and that's really all I ask of Saints Row. Overall, the game was a well-made, even-more-ridiculous follow-up to Saints Row 2. In that sense, Saints Row: the Third was a roaring success. However, I must express disappointment in the lack of forward movement in actual gameplay. The game plays nearly identically to its predecessor, and while there are a few small improvements (mostly usefully the ability to melee and jack cars while running), the Third otherwise feels like a sizable expansion pack to Saints Row 2.
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