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Viqor's gameplay for Saints Row: The Third (X360)

Viqor played Saints Row: The Third

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Viqor said...
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The story missions are really starting to ramp up, and are even crazier than their equivalents in Saints Row 2. That generally equates to lots of fun, especially in co-op mode. I would say that the story missions are more varied and entertaining than in the second game, although I have yet to find any side-quests that serve to separate The Third from its predecessor.
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The Professor Genki diversion is completely new, but the rest are the same -- except for a few that have flavor twists (Escorting a Tiger, for example)
@laughy Pretty much. The problem that I have is that I basically got 100% in Saints Row 2, including the often infuriating later stages in many of those side-quests, so they really hold very little appeal to me when I see them popping up in Saints Row: The Third.
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