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Viqor's gameplay for Sleeping Dogs (PC)

Viqor played Sleeping Dogs

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After spending what feels like far too long away from the game (damn you, Dark Souls), I sat down on my day off and marathoned Sleeping Dogs all the way to its conclusion. I skipped the majority of the side stuff, but I did do the "girlfriend" missions, which, like the other optional content in this game, are mostly pointless. Aside from a few useful unlocks (the ability to see "health" shrines on your map is a massive time-saver), the girls have almost no personality (how could they, they are each only given a single date mission after their introduction) and the dates tell you nothing about Wo except that he possesses an uncanny ability to get into women's pants on the first date. Aside from that, I genuinely liked the story in Sleeping Dogs: it, like the game itself, wasn't anything groundbreaking, but it was a tight, well-written and acted thriller that really took pains to humanize several characters, both good and bad. Where the story felt weakest was in the cast of secondary players: people popped in and out of the story so quickly, often after a single mission, that you never felt any connection to them or even a good grasp on their personality. At it's worst, Sleeping Dogs sometimes feels scattered and bloated, luckily it doesn't do so often and pointless missions are quickly followed up by ones that advance the otherwise well-crafted story. Ultimately, that's how a feel about the game as a whole: there is some boat, some chaff, but the solidity of the gameplay and overall story make it a worthwhile endeavor.
Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs (PC)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
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