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Viqor's gameplay for Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

Viqor played Super Mario 3D Land

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Super Mario 3D Land is Nintendo's first earnest attempt at a 3D Mario game on a handheld system (DS Mario 64 notwithstanding), and it not only succeeds as a game generally on par with other franchise titles in terms of stage design and controls, but also manages to be a somewhat unique entry in its own right. While 3D Land is, in fact, a 3D game (as in 3D control), it's design aesthetic is actually much more similar to the series' classic 2D offerings. With few exceptions, levels are largely linear and emphasize pure platforming over exploration, the fixed camera helps to reenforce style of play. Speaking of the camera, 3D Land almost certainly marks the first time where the 3D effect (as in eye-popping, this time) actively aids gameplay. Along with several areas where perspective tricks are purposefully revealed through 3D, the depth given to the entire game helps to position your character in the game space while maintaining a largely fixed camera position. It's not perfect: I still occasionally find myself missing the mark from time to time, even with 3D on, but the overall effect it has on the game is quite spectacular.
Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 3D Land (3DS)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date:
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I loved Mario 3D Land... But I'm finding Mario games to be going too far back... I want a rekindling of Super Mario World on SNES... Most of these Mario reboots tend to be hitting the NES mark.

Did you also think the first 8 worlds were just a little too watered down? Luckily the game got super interesting by the underworld routes.

The Mario for Wii-U seems to be my highest hopes since I saw baby yoshis and intricate world map designs.
@Roxas-UrBoxas I'm still working my way through the first 8 worlds, but I agree that they are way too easy: I'm on world 7 right now and have nearly 100 lives. Even the Star Coins are way too easy to find. Unfortunately, I haven't played a really challenging Mario platformer since the no-pack stages in Super Mario Sunshine.

I have to agree that the lack of inspiration from Super Mario World always struck me as strange. Most Mario games either stick with the formula established by Mario 64 or revert back to the NES era games. I mean, there are some gameplay innovations they take from SMW (several games have Yoshi or musical bouncing blocks, for instance), but as far as I know, the overworld design has never been replicated, which is truly unfortunate since the branching paths, overworld, and myriad of secrets is a lot of what made Super Mario World so special.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Here's hoping for Mario-U... The world design (although only flashed briefly during e3) seemed to be taking a stab at making a world that looks like SMW.
@Roxas-UrBoxas Indeed. Unfortunately, it seems to be something that people are overlooking, since the rest of the game looks fairly identical to NSMB Wii. Still, New Super Mario Brothers' gameplay married to Super Mario World's overworld design (hopefully as more than just window dressing) would make for an entertaining game with very high replayability.
SMW is one of my all-time favorites.
For good reason, it was awesome.
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