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Viqor's gameplay for Super Meat Boy (PC)

Viqor played Super Meat Boy

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Played a bunch of levels in Super Meat Boy to try and reach World 4 so that I could participate in the Portal 2 ARG (a meta-game that Valve has built into the games in the "Potato Sack" indie bundle that is currently available on Steam) that was put into this game. The strangest thing happened, I got frustrated. In the repetition of levels and my drive to reach World 4, I actually got mad at Super Meat Boy. I know that a lot of people get frustrated at this game, but I really do not for various reasons(I have actually posted on this before: in short, it has to do with instant respawning and short levels). I guess that I left a pretty major one out: state of mind. See, if you are driving for something very concrete, and you desire to attain that thing in a very specific amount of time (World 4, today) any opposition to that goal quickly becomes tiresome, and dying a couple hundred times can get really grating. Before, I never had a specific goal for number of levels I wanted to beat, or whatever, and I rarely got irritated despite the game's high difficulty. I didn't even play any Dark World levels this time, and it still really got me angry, so I guess that the context can make a pretty huge difference. Advice for Super Meat Boy: just play the game and don't think about goals.
Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy (PC)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date: 20/OCT/10
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