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Viqor's gameplay for The Walking Dead (PC)

Viqor played The Walking Dead

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Viqor said...
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The best way that I can describe my latest few hours of The Walking Dead (comprising the end of chapter 1 and the whole of chapter 2) is wow. I don't want to sound superlative, but the intensity of the story (especially the end of chapter 2) and the impossible decisions it forces you to make leave me with very few appropriate descriptors. The excitement ratchets up considerably towards the end of the first chapter, culminating in a decision with seemingly multi-chapter consequences. From there, the second chapter picks up a few months later, starting off with a crisis and slowly ratchets up the intensity towards an unnerving and shockingly brutal climax. Unlike the first chapter, the decisions you make in chapter 2 don't feel as critical or game-shaping as they did in the first game: they could still have a significant impact, but their effects certainly aren't as immediately obvious as they were in chapter 1. That's OK, though because the story in this chapter was good enough to carry the game without your moment-to-moment actions feeling immediately important. Chapter 2 was so good, in fact, that the events stuck with me for days after completing it in a way that few stories manage. The Walking Dead is very smartly presented as an episodic game series and that time between chapters, that built-in stopping point, feels like a very good thing considering that I wasn't quite ready to jump straight back in after the messed up stuff that happened in chapter 2.
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Adventure
Release Date: 24/APR/12
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