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Viqor's gameplay for The Walking Dead (PC)

Viqor played The Walking Dead

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Viqor said...
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I've only played a few hours of The Walking Dead so far (not even finished with part 1), but it's definitely a game that shows a lot of promise. The game has seemingly far more focus on story and dialog than puzzle-solving or exploration, which can be a good thing or a bad thing for an adventure game depending on the context, but in this case, it's definitely a good thing. The game continuously emphasizes the importance of your actions and the affect they have on the story; some characters live or die depending on what you choose, and I can imagine that things can end up very differently depending on what you choose. Of course, it could all be an illusion, broken upon a second playthrough, but it's at least a very good illusion: choice seems to be present. The dialog system supporting that choice is also exceptionally good: taking a cue from Alpha Protocol, the game presents your options on a timer, forcing quick responses and snap judgements, this leads to sometimes interesting, sometimes unintended consequences, but it's engaging and almost always interesting. This seems like a game where you should never go back to "correct" your mistakes, just let the story play out and see where it takes you. At the end of the game, if you want to see how things could have been different, go back for a second play through and change things that way. This is how I try to play all of my choice-based story-driven games (The Witcher, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, etc), and I find that it leads to a much more interesting experience than trying to do everything "perfectly" the first time through (that's what multiple playthroughs are for).
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Adventure
Release Date: 24/APR/12
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I couldn't agree more with your playstyle for choice-driven games, though I rarely have the will power to actually rush through and never backtrack. I did however, play Mass Effect 3 that way, and really enjoyed it.

TellTale Games also did the Back to the Future adventures, and they had some fantastic writing as well. I'm looking forward to starting the Walking Dead too, especially after reading this.
@bendrexl TellTale has always been an interesting company in my mind. They took a chance on adventure games and episodic gaming when neither were a sure thing and I have no trouble partially attributing the rise (or resurgence) of both to them directly. They also tend to be pretty well written, which is quite a feat considering the harsh time constraints that come with writing episodic content. Their art is generally attractive, but can be pretty inconsistent; even The Walking Dead, for all of its attractive art, has some abhorrently low quality textures. Their puzzles are also a bit hit or miss, and are never as cerebral as the best puzzles in the true classics of the genre. The Walking Dead largely sidesteps this whole issue by focusing heavily on the story and having very few puzzles. It's a game that plays to the strengths of the company, and that definitely is having an impact based on what I've played so far and the critical attention that its received.
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