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Viqor's gameplay for The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (PC)

Viqor played The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

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Viqor said...
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Did another official module, this one entitled "Side Effects." Unlike "The Price of Neutrality," "Side Effects" was much more straightforward overall, and had a much less interesting plot. There was a bit more to do gameplay-wise, but it took place in an already established (and a bit overused) Vizima's Trade Quarter. The plot threads also weren't really the converging styles that typify The Witcher's narrative style, instead opting for a single objective achieved through earning money via various means.
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 19/SEP/08
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