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Viqor played Trine

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Viqor said...
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Tine is yet another indie game that I picked up on a whim after hearing good reviews and just never got around to playing until now. The game has some really interesting ideas, which seems to be a requirement to make a decent puzzle game these days, and executes them fairly well. being able to switch between three characters with wildly different abilities on the fly makes for some interesting puzzles although most puzzles only seem to require one person in order to complete, defeating the purpose somewhat. I think that the developers were a little bit scared of players getting stuck because one of their character's had died, so they came up with solutions for most puzzles that could be solved by at least two of the characters individually (the rogue and the mage). I can't decide whether it makes the game very clever for crafting puzzles that offer solutions for two very different skill sets, or incredibly dumb for making the puzzles too easy as a result. The answer is probably both: clever design that unfortunately doesn't enhance the gameplay. On the other hand, I can easily see this changing in later levels as the difficulty hopefully increases. Unfortunately, the combat doesn't even have that level cleverness to sustain it. Basically, skeletons rush at you/ shoot projectiles and you have to wail on them until they stop spawning, which sometimes take a dreadfully long time. This is the only time that the warrior has any real use. The controls are loose enough that I always feel like I take one or two more hits in combat than I should have and the swordplay doesn't feel particularly weighty or satisfying. At the end of the day, the combat feels like padding more than an integral part of the game. Even with all that said, it's not as though I particularly dislike Trine: I think it has a lot of potential and may very well turn into a much better game later on, but I was not incredibly impressed by the opening couple of hours.

Trine (PC)

Release Date: 02/JUL/09
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